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Discover effortless credit card processing for your mobile business.

Securing a payment solution for your business is never a challenge with Clear Charge Solutions.
Whether you’re an established enterprise or a budding startup, we’ve got you covered.

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We have options such as:

Flat Fee Processing
Are you constantly confused about what fees you’re paying and why? With our flat fee plan, your bill will be the same low monthly fee each month.

Wholesale Merchant Processing
Escape the one-size-fits-all rate trap. Let a payment specialist assess your payment processing needs and customize a package specifically for you.

Cash Discount
Are you just sick and tired of paying 3% – or even more – to the bank each month for Credit Card Processing? Stick it to them with Cash Discount processing and beat your Credit Card Processing fees down to 0%. We’ve lots of solutions.

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What else?

Gift Card Programs
Encourage brand loyalty with upfront payments for future purchases.

Loyalty & Rewards
Keep customers coming back by rewarding them for frequent purchases.

Check Services
Convert checks into electronic payments and speed up your cash flow.

QuickBooks Plugins – and so many other apps
Automatically import payments into your existing accounting software.

Cash Advance
Get access to the cash you need to move your business forward. & so much more..

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